About Us

Our Mission

The Ghanaian Social Worker Association (GHASWA) is a membership organisation.

Created in February 2018 by Mr Kwaku Afram, GHASWA is a vibrant, dynamic and has proved to be one of the fastest growing within the midland and beyond in the United Kingdom. The Association is guided by a constitution, structured to outline the terms of its administration and how the organisation should be governed. GHASWA will continue to make significant contributions in the areas of social work research, practice, and advocacy.

The Ghanaian Social Workers Association (GHASWA) is made up of a group of Ghanaian Social Workers residing in or have a connection to the Midlands and beyond with the aim to

  • To reach out to the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, with a starting point of the Ghanaian communities in the Midlands. We seek to advocate for, support, empower and educate BME communities by raising awareness of key topics such as Safeguarding Children and their families, Domestic Abuse, Mental Health etc. We hope to work in collaboration with the Local Authorities, Children Trusts and other professionals and organisations in relevant fields.
  • We also aim to reach out to the wider community through our outreach programs, workshops, forums, radio and television programs, training and other useful platforms.
  • We also aim to inform, promote, develop and defend good practice of social work and social workers.
  • Seek to contribute to promoting a better society especially for the BME communities and to prevent children from coming into the care system.  
  • We are also hoping to link in with and set up Interpreting Services and Family Support Services.

Birth, Rationale and Motivation behind forming Ghanaian Social Workers Association

The Founder and chairperson Mr Kwaku Afram, was for a number of years pregnant with the idea of mobilising Ghanaian Social Workers and Students alike within the Midlands to come together to share knowledge, experience, form professional friends/networks and promote and strengthen professional practice amongst members by forming an association.

Our coming together has also been necessitated by a number of children of Ghanaian / African descent and families who have either been accommodated in Local Authority Foster Care or currently subject to Child Protection Plans. There has been a surge and influx of Ghanaians from other European countries particularly Italy, Spain etc. who have little or no appreciation of the UK Child Protection laws, expectations and behaviours and thus falling victims to these issues. We are currently involved with families whose children are currently in care and have been helping them understand the Local Authority concerns and work with them to have greater insight into safeguarding children. We are equally concerned about safeguarding and mental health concerns among the adults within the Black Ethnic Minority groups.

Purpose and Objectives of GHASWA

The following main purpose of GHASWA include:

  • Fostering professional development through knowledge sharing, and tapping into the worth of experience and expertise of individual members
  • To support newly qualified social workers and students alike during placements, and employment period
  • To undertake preventative work with Ghanaian families and communities in the midlands through  education on Child Protection and Safeguarding process and procedures, Adult and Mental health Services
  • Support practice improvement education and employment opportunities.

The Association aims in the longer term to achieve a Charity status and have the following objectives:

  • To undertake regular Outreach Programmes for maximum impact via local churches, Ghanaian Associations, radio, Social Media platforms among others.
  • Set up Family Support Workers comprising of Ghanaians to support the local niche
  • Set up Interpreting Service made of Ghanaians to support families during Local Authority involvement with their families
  • To create and implement programs, and offer services that will promote the ongoing improvement of the wellbeing of the society.
  • To educate and provide support services to vulnerable families.
  • Initiate projects/programs (long and short term) to foster the development of positive attitudes with respect to family, gender, youth and the aged community.
  • Create and maintain services geared to improve the quality of life of our members.
  • Provide support and cooperation to other Associations and Organisations whose activities/programs are complementary & supplementary to the effectiveness of the association.
  • Contribute to discussions and decisions on social welfare issues relating to Ghana
  • Research and inform on innovations in social services delivery and social work.

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